It has a nice ring to it

I’ve been married before and divorced. My quest to find my soulmate has taken me down many avenues of life. Some more hilarious than others.

I’m having dinner in South Orange County. Small talk is going well. First date jitters are getting out of the way to comfort. Laughing comes easy.

The way my date chews slightly annoys me. It’s not open mouth see-food chewing but it slightly reminds me of a cow chewing curd. But I like him. He seems nice and he is good looking.

him: we should get married

me: yea right

him: I’m serious. Let’s run off to Vegas.

me: yea right

He is joking, right? Tell me he is joking.

Dinner ends and no more talk on marriage proposals and Las Vegas. He asks if we can walk off dinner. Sounds like a plan to me.

Around the corner we go, continue the small talk and I get steered into a jewelry store. Wait. What?!

him: You should take a look at these.

me: Nope….those are engagement rings. These earrings look nice.

salesclerk: Can I help you?

him: Yes. I would like to see these engagement rings

salesclerk: So how long have you two been together?

me: 45 minutes

That was it. She saw the look in my eyes. You know that look. Deer in headlights. I can’t be sure but I think she mouthed the word RUN.

And I did…

Rogue Rose

Author: Rogue-Rose

Single Mom. Dating Extraordinaire

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