Paint It Red

I was running late for a lunch date with someone new. He was an older Jewish man, who had a fascination of Catholic women. I was raised Catholic, but I don’t go to Mass as much as I should. So I pull into the parking lot of Mimi’s Cafe, a cute New Orleans inspired chain.

He recognized me before I even got out of my car. As I open my car door, he goes in for the kiss. Granted, we are just meeting so this is forward.

This wasn’t a little peck on the lips. No, this was a full on inspired suck face. Ooh la la. Holy shit. Excuse my french.

I’m stunned but manage to walk into the restaurant. We are seated towards the front in a booth. I noticed the hostess is giving me a funny look. I shrug it off.

Our waiter comes around and takes our order. I’ll have the brie, apple turkey sandwich on a croissant. It’s delicious with an apricot chutney. Again, the waiter gives me a look as well.

What is up with these people?

Lunch is served and the conversation goes well. When the bill comes, my date breaks out a two-for-one coupon and proceeds to argue with the waiter who won’t accept it because he had to order a drink, not just water. So grudgingly, he pays the full amount.

I thank him for lunch as he walks me back to my car. As I go to leave, I check myself in the mirror and Holy Paint My Face Red Batman. When he kissed me at the beginning of the date, my red lipstick smeared all over my lower face. I’m talking clown-like. No wonder the staff was looking at me funny. He didnt have red lipstick on his face. They were probably wondering where it was on him.

I banned myself from that restaurant location. Time to go to confession.

Rogue Rose

Author: Rogue-Rose

Single Mom. Dating Extraordinaire

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