Navy Seal My Foot

I’m a fairly tall woman. Runway tall. Occassionally, I wear heels if my date is much taller than me. My date was taking me to see the movie Get Out. Honestly, I didn’t know much about it. He chose the movie.

I was pretty nervous about this one. Not the movie but my date. My insecurities were kicking into overdrive. You see, my date was a retired Navy Seal who looked like Dwayne The Rock Johnson and was built like him too. This was my unicorn. You know the ultimate mate that you dream up but secretly don’t think exists. Yea, I scored a date with my personal unicorn.

So I’m trying my best to look drop dead gorgeous and yet I’m thinking I am not good enough for this man. I’m fluffy. Not like Stay Puff Marshmallow Man fluffy. I’m simply not toned. My arms aren’t flapping in the breeze but I could be mistaken for a Jello Jiggler.

So I mustard up the courage to go and I meet my date in front of the local movie theaters. He pays for the tickets and buys an large cherry icee. How cute, I think. My butterflies were all over the place. Nothing for me please.

So we find our seats in the back row of the theater. The previews start. I’m doing a sideways glance at his ginormous arms. My gosh, what does this man bench?

And all of a sudden he grabs my foot, with my heels still on and starts massaging it. We have barely hugged and now I’m getting a foot massage with my shoes on. Huh?

And then it happens….he starts using my heeled foot to rub himself. I think they call this a footjob. Granted he still has his clothes on but his pants are getting more snug by the minute.

What the heck is going on? I’m baffled. My heel is practically digging into his junk. That can’t be pleasant.

I politely remove my foot from his behemoth grasp and place it back on the floor where it belongs.

I finished the movie because it was a mind trip….but my mind kept going back to him. Do Navy Seals have a thing for flippers?

Rogue Rose

Author: Rogue-Rose

Single Mom. Dating Extraordinaire

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