Alex, what is….

One evening, I went on a picnic. My date had planned the whole evening. We met at a park in Laguna, where he brought homemade spaghetti and garlic bread. While not my first choice for a first date meal, and even more challenging while balancing it on your lap, I planned ahead. I wore all black.

He was trying to come up with recipes for his restaurant he talked about opening. So I’m a happy taste tester. The garlic was a knockout though. I mean, garlic was probably oozing out of my pores for days. At least, we were both munching on it.

His second fascination was Jeopardy. He never missed a night. And he liked to play along and was trying to get on the show to help fund his restaurant venture.

The sun started to set and the view was beautiful. Conversation was good.

He pulled out his iPad and we started to watch Jeopardy. Now this was a first for me on a date. I’ve sat and watched easily a few dozen Jeopardy shows, although it’s not a favorite.

The contestant would ask for Cats for $800. My date started to answer the questions out loud. It was a game to him. Alex, what is a Siberian Tiger?

Now at this point, maybe I should have played dumb, but I chose to me instead. Not only did I get a good portion of the questions correct but I got Final Jeopardy correct too.

I guess my date wasn’t looking for someone who could hold their own with random facts.

Alex, what is next please?

Rogue Rose

Author: Rogue-Rose

Single Mom. Dating Extraordinaire

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