Pre-Date Creeper

When you start to talk to someone before you actually date, you are getting to know them. The basics. Age. Height. Profession. Status of singleness. Is there any chemistry over the phone.

So I had one of these conversations with a man that I was interested in. He seemed nice and very intent on meeting me. He asked a lot of questions. I answered almost all of them. Never did I tell him where I work though or my home address.

Now I understand you can search the internet and find out almost anything on a person. I just prefer not to be the Pre-Date stalker. Let’s see if there is chemistry before I dig into your goofy pics.

I’m sitting at my desk when I receive a delivery from ProFlowers. It’s a large long green box, which attracts all of the women in the office like a congregation of bees.

Inside is a cute pink and white ombre mason jar with roses, and lilies. Plus a box of chocolates and a $100 gift card to some wine. And the note. Oh what a note.

“Can’t wait to start our life together in marriage. Raising yours and mine and our beautiful children in a wondrous life of love and adventure. Come join my hand in this journey for two.”

Wait what?

We haven’t even met in person and you are already planning our future? My coworkers saw my face as I read the card. It was mind-boggling how he knew where I worked.

So that evening, he called upset I hadn’t called him to thank him for the flowers. Then he proceeded to tell me he had planned to send them to my house but thought I might be weirded out that he already knew where I lived.

me: “You know where I live?”

him: “Yes”

me: “Have you driven by my house?”

him: “Only once. I picked the flower bouquet by the ones you have on your front porch.”

Yea…that was creepy. No date for you.

Rogue Rose

Author: Rogue-Rose

Single Mom. Dating Extraordinaire

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