Murky Waters

It was a gorgeous day down at Dana Point Harbour. The boats were in their slips and people were out drinking coffee and walking their adorable puppers.

I said yes to a cup of tea and a walk along the harbour. Personally, I like reading the names of boats and wondering what their owners were thinking when they came up with them.

Wet dream

Dream Weaver


She Got the House

Ok, well some are pretty self-explanatory. So I met this somewhat goofy man.

him: “So I was arrested after all of my marijuana dispensaries were raided and I spent a million dollars on lawyer fees.”

Really? That is how you want to start the date? Full disclosure.

I understand it’s legal today in California but it wasn’t during the time of this date. In fact, my date boasted about it rather loudly that all of the coffee patrons could hear him crystal clearly.

Then the paranoia set in. People were watching him. He was getting wide-eyed and very concerned. He informed me he is still watched by the man and was concerned he would be poisoned.

him: “Does this coffee taste funny to you?”

me: “Well you did add 7 packets of sugar.”

him: “It still tastes bitter. I should go. Don’t drink your coffee.”

me: “I got tea.”

him: “Oh that’s better because it’s from the Earth.”

me: “Umm….nevermind.”

And off he ran. The marijuana paranoid kingpin.

Rogue Rose

Author: Rogue-Rose

Single Mom. Dating Extraordinaire

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