Science of Mufasa

This very nice businessman had been trying to court me for over a month. He was persistent yet very sweet.

We didn’t live close to each other. Easily two hour drive. I’m not one for long distance relationships, so when he told me he was in town, what could it hurt to meet? I didn’t have to travel far.

So typical Starbucks meeting for a cup of tea. He shows up and he is built like a lion. His voice was deep and there was something majestic about him, like Mufasa from The Lion King.

We talked about work and families. And religion. It seems the king of the jungle believed in Scientology. He tried to sell me on the idea of a bridge and audits.

I don’t know about you, but the idea of being life audited, seems a little intense and brutal.

When that wasn’t working, he claimed I could practice whatever religion I wanted but I had to support him in his. Under normal circumstances, I would be completely on board.

I’m not one to judge, but lately I’ve seen too much on television about Scientology to have some doubts.

The king of the jungle needs to find another queen.

Rogue Rose

Author: Rogue-Rose

Single Mom. Dating Extraordinaire

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