Say Ahh

It’s never a fun experience going to the dentist. You are laying back on a chair with a bright annoying light shining in your eyes. Your mouth is clamped open in a unusual manner and there are fingers and tools all up in there. Drilling, spraying and spitting. It’s a truly romantic experience. Makes you want to go back for seconds, says no man ever.

And what is worst, is when your dentist wants to talk and expects you to answer. You make a poor attempt of mumbling some nonsense that they seem to understand.

So there I am, laying in the dentist chair, getting a cleaning. I have okay teeth but I also have a sweet tooth. So that usually gets an eye roll, a stern lecture and lines my dentist’s pockets. It’s a catch-22, I suppose.

I’m drooling and trying to think of a happy place when he decides to talk.

him: “You have a pretty mouth.”

me: “Wha?”

him: “The shape, it’s really pretty. You could work on your brushing though.”

me: “Thanks”

him: “Are you single?”

me: I just nod at this point.

him: “Try to stay still, please.”

me: I nod again and then apologize. Now I’m an idiot.

him: “Do you like pho?”

me: I shrug.

him: “Want to go sometime?”

So I can’t go anywhere because his hands are in my mouth….but I think he just hit on me. If I say yes, do I get a complimentary cleaning?

What else is he going to shove in my mouth?

Rogue Rose

Author: Rogue-Rose

Single Mom. Dating Extraordinaire

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